It's how today's businesses are getting their message in front of their best prospects and customers.

Digital Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

When you get down to it, digital marketing is simply marketing. It’s how today’s businesses are getting their message in front of their best prospects and customers.

Rule #1 in marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and in the right place (on the right platform, on the right device).
Today, your customers are online: hanging out on social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs, and searching online when they have a need.

Digital marketing puts you in those same channels, so your best prospects can see you, learn more about you, and even ask questions to learn more about you and your products or services.

If you’re new to digital marketing, it may feel overwhelming to think about mastering all the online marketing tactics used in digital marketing.

We get that…

Think about the last important purchase you made. Regardless of what it was, you probably began by searching the Internet to learn more about available solutions, who provided them, and what your best options were.

In many ways, digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing. In both, smart organizations seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with prospects, leads, and customers.

But digital marketing has replaced most traditional marketing tactics because it’s designed to reach today’s consumers.

Most purchasing decisions begin online.

That being the case, an online presence is absolutely necessary—regardless of what you sell.

The key is to develop a digital marketing strategy that puts you in all the places your followers are already hanging out, then using a variety of digital channels to connect with them in a multitude of ways

Having a strong digital presence will help you in multiple ways:

  • It will make it easier to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale
  • It will help you convert new buyers into rabid fans who buy more (and more often)
  • It will kickstart word-of-mouth and social sharing—and all the benefits that come with them
  • It will shorten the buyer’s journey by presenting the right offers at the right time

Cornerstone elements of digital marketing

One thing is certain with digital marketing, that nothing remains fixed and everything tends to evolve. As of 2018 and headed to 2019 there are few key elements that have to be part of your digital marketing and need to start evaluating them once you set in place your strategy.

Mobile/Web Presence

Highly mobile optimized websites will still be the center of all your digital marketing efforts.


Quality over quantity wins, Google likes content that ads tremendous value to its visitors, highly researched with plenty of inbound and outgoing links and oh yes, it is fairly long.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about building long term relationships with your audience through great content. Teach your audience something new and will always remember you.

Social Media

This involves all your activities with the social networks you decide to focus on. Go after where your audience is and engage with them with great quality content.

Paid Media

Using pay per click marketing, display re targeting and paid social becomes and absolute must if you want to reach your existing audience and look for new customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not going anywhere, that is for sure. It certainly evolves and tries to get rid of generic spam and meaning less campaigns.

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